About Me

Many business owners struggle to maintain a healthy online presence for their company. The intentions are good but they often lack the time and the experience to make it work. I am the guy who allows them to realize their vision.

My work is concise and to the point. I like strong lines, bright colours and the chance to have some fun and raise a few eyebrows. My work is often modern, sometimes playful and almost always graphic.

I started working in all three disciplines while attending university. I was studying Business Administration and Multimedia when I took a job as an Intelligence Officer for an investment bank. I saw the need for design related services by the business community - a need I could meet and enjoy doing it. With that in mind, I enrolled in the Digital Media program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

I have been working as a freelance designer and web developer since the beginning of 2012. During that time, I held a web development position at The Brunswickan. It also overlapped my time with CleanTech Capital, where I worked for almost five years. Web design was also a part of my creative responsibilities at Buen Día Canada.

Do you have a project that I could help you with or a job that I should consider? Send me an email and we will talk.