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Invitations: Designed For Distribution

School is back in session and so are after school activities. Every year, people from my church distribute invitations for Kids’ Bible Adventure Club. This year was no different except that we were using invitations that I had designed. I also designed (and redesigned) an invitation for a church in Amherst, Nova Scotia. I will […]

Milking the Cut: A Team Effort

What business does a lactose intolerant person have promoting milk? I asked myself this when asked if I would like to design promotional material for Baxter Milk. My taste buds were fine with the idea but my stomach made a few protests. The taste buds (and wallet) won the argument. Bruce Wright of the Wright […]

One Happy Illustration

I was given an assignment back in January in a course called Text, Image, and Meaning. The challenge was to illustrate a number and include it in both symbol and written form within the illustration. I settled on the cyclops theme to represent the number one. One of my brother’s owns a book titled Art […]

We See What You Mean

My final typography assignment was to show the meaning of a word in the letter treatment. We were to each pick two words to do this for. I chose the words “Engraved” and “Hole”. I got started by looking at a tutorial by Digital Image Magazine. I borrowed a bit of the method it describes […]

Fear is the Mind Killer

We were asked to design movie posters for a non-existing horror film titled “Fear is the Mind Killer” using planar typography. Planar typography is a term that describes text displayed so that it looks like is exists on a plane in three dimensional space. I ended up doing two versions of the poster. I was […]

Podcast One-off

A podcast is a series by definition. What do we call a podcast consisting of a single episode? I am choosing to call it a podcast one-off. I am writing about this because it is what I was asked to create for my audio production class. The assignment was to conduct and record an interview […]

Stop Writting Etc.

I have a typography class this term and one of the assignments we were given was to create another character to add to the Latin alphabet. I created a character to replace the words et cetera, more commonly written as etc. I found out that there are other abbreviations for et cetera, many of which […]

The Prodigal Son (Audio Drama)

The second last project for Sound Production class was to create an audio drama. I based my script on the parable of the prodigal son, told by Jesus Christ. Jared Fraser, Reuben Stewart, and I formed the cast. We can never tell the story like Jesus did but we pray that it will direct your […]

Sparking a Kindled Fire

My classmates and I each had to create a 30 second radio commercial. I advertised Amazon’s Kindle Fire. I have never used the Kindle Fire but I chose it because it had just been released at the time I was assigned the project. I based my radio ad off of Amazon’s online advertisements. Here is […]