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Dealing with Data: A Possible Solution

I just finished watching a webinar titled Solving Your Top Data Challenges. It was put on by SiriusDecisions and Progress. I was not able to catch the whole thing but I will share what I took away from the portion I watched. I learned that data becomes outdated within 36 months. Three years is enough […]

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9 Rules for Blogging Newbs Who Want Results

What are the rules? It is the first question one asks when introduced to a game. The answer often has a fair bit of strategy thrown in. These extra bits of information are intended to help a person until he or she understands the game and can form new strategies. These nine “rules” were given […]

Another Blog by Davidfstewart?

You may know that this is not my only blog. I have another one at*  I also write for Design Soak. So why start a new one? *I have since amalgamated the two blogs; March 25, 2014 The Reason I started this blog as an assignment for school. I am studying Integrated Media at […]

Website Launch on New Year’s Day

Happy new year everyone. I hope 2012 will be your greatest yet. We were able to launch by the New Year. Now, I will be able to focus on other business activities in 2012. The site will continue to be improved but the hardest part is behind us. This blog is still under construction […]

What Do You Know About Christmas?

Did you know that “the Christmas Story” starts long before the Lord Jesus Christ was born? Even the first man and woman knew something about it. After they rebelled against God, He promised them a descendant who would defeat Satan. The Bible says that God intended to send Christ before the world was formed. “But […]