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gift shop entrance

Man Survives Encounter With Skeleton Shark

This larger-than-life gift shop caught our attention as we were driving to South Padre Island. The entrance is still under construction in this photograph. I would be very interested to know what the finished product looks like. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Redesigning Beautiful Eulogy’s “Satellite Kite”

The cover art for Beautiful Eulogy‘s “Satellite Kite, I looked at the cover art and assumed that the album was not worth listening to. How wrong I was. I heard them on Josh Garrels‘ “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes EP” and was impressed. They were also recommended to me by a friend so I […]

Invitations: Designed For Distribution

School is back in session and so are after school activities. Every year, people from my church distribute invitations for Kids’ Bible Adventure Club. This year was no different except that we were using invitations that I had designed. I also designed (and redesigned) an invitation for a church in Amherst, Nova Scotia. I will […]

Sparse Landscapes in Mexico

Here are some more photographs from my Nikon Coolpix days. These ones were taken on a road trip through central Mexico. We stuck to the desert to avoid municipal police knowing that our American license plate made us prime targets for corrupt officers. Here we found a lot of sparse landscapes. Not all of my […]

Crossing the Mississippi River

I was going through some old files this weekend and found some that are worth sharing. The first one is a photograph from 2009. I had not yet studied photography and did not even know how to operate a DSLR (my Nikon Coolpix worked great). I did, however, use what I had learned in art […]

Milking the Cut: A Team Effort

What business does a lactose intolerant person have promoting milk? I asked myself this when asked if I would like to design promotional material for Baxter Milk. My taste buds were fine with the idea but my stomach made a few protests. The taste buds (and wallet) won the argument. Bruce Wright of the Wright […]

One Happy Illustration

I was given an assignment back in January in a course called Text, Image, and Meaning. The challenge was to illustrate a number and include it in both symbol and written form within the illustration. I settled on the cyclops theme to represent the number one. One of my brother’s owns a book titled Art […]

Strike Pushes Website Traffic Through the Roof

I said that I would talk about the strike at the University of New Brunswick and how it affected the Brunswickan website. This is it then, a memoir of sorts. The teaching staff at the University of New Brunswick were not happy with their working conditions and wages (Read more here). They began their strike […]

Taking a Paper Online

I mentioned previously that I have been working for The Brunswickan. The Brunswickan is the student newspaper for the University of New Brunswick. It is Canada’s oldest official student publication. My job as the Web Developer was to create a blog style website for the paper. The staff at The Brunswickan was not satisfied with […]

A Long Wait

Has it been almost a year since I posted last? Wow. I have been much busier this year partially because I took a part time job at The Brunswickan. I worked for them as the web developer and maintained my web administration work. I also took an extra course last term. I knew it would […]