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Redesigning Beautiful Eulogy’s “Satellite Kite”

The cover art for Beautiful Eulogy‘s “Satellite Kite, I looked at the cover art and assumed that the album was not worth listening to. How wrong I was. I heard them on Josh Garrels‘ “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes EP” and was impressed. They were also recommended to me by a friend so I […]

Invitations: Designed For Distribution

School is back in session and so are after school activities. Every year, people from my church distribute invitations for Kids’ Bible Adventure Club. This year was no different except that we were using invitations that I had designed. I also designed (and redesigned) an invitation for a church in Amherst, Nova Scotia. I will […]

Pumped Up But Nowhere To Go

Here is another illustration for my Digital Illustration class. This assignment was designed to teach us how to use the Gradient Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator. The Gradient Mesh tool allows one to create a 3D look by arranging and assigning colour to points on a wire frame. I used the tool to create the […]

Synthetic Rubber & Cubism

I recently completed a cubist inspired digital collage for my Digital Imaging class. I used The Table by Juan Gris as the foundation for my collage. I decided to depict my wheelchair in the collage. My chair is a Crossfireâ„¢ Titanium and I was able to find images of this model online. I also found […]

Illustration of Commemoration

I was assigned to create an illustration in Adobe Illustrator incorporating custom brushes. I chose to use an image of my great-grandfather W. Lorne Kelly that commemorated his service in the World War One. I posted the completed illustration at 11 o’clock on Nov. 11th (when Canadians stop and remember those who have fought for […]

Chuck Plays Texas Ranger

My Digital Imaging class and I were told to make a digital collage of a well known person. I combined Chuck Testa with Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger. Here is the image and the 7 steps I used to make my collage. 1st Step The assignment specified that the collage be 11″ x 17″ […]

Website Launch on New Year’s Day

Happy new year everyone. I hope 2012 will be your greatest yet. We were able to launch by the New Year. Now, I will be able to focus on other business activities in 2012. The site will continue to be improved but the hardest part is behind us. This blog is still under construction […]