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More Praise From School Days

David was a great student to have in the class. He was always punctual and had his work done on time. He also challenged us as teachers to go beyond what we had in the lesson plan, particularly in the web classes, which he excelled at. David is a hard worker and would be a […]

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Dealing with Data: A Possible Solution

I just finished watching a webinar titled Solving Your Top Data Challenges. It was put on by SiriusDecisions and Progress. I was not able to catch the whole thing but I will share what I took away from the portion I watched. I learned that data becomes outdated within 36 months. Three years is enough […]

10 Things Prezi Does Better

Dimmed lights, bullet points, and a distant voice … wake me up when it is over. Haven’t we all been there? We have all seen dozens of slideshows about this topic or that. They were very impressive when they first came out but have become common place, losing much of their effectiveness. Well, there is […]