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We See What You Mean

My final typography assignment was to show the meaning of a word in the letter treatment. We were to each pick two words to do this for. I chose the words “Engraved” and “Hole”. I got started by looking at a tutorial by Digital Image Magazine. I borrowed a bit of the method it describes […]

Fear is the Mind Killer

We were asked to design movie posters for a non-existing horror film titled “Fear is the Mind Killer” using planar typography. Planar typography is a term that describes text displayed so that it looks like is exists on a plane in three dimensional space. I ended up doing two versions of the poster. I was […]

Stop Writting Etc.

I have a typography class this term and one of the assignments we were given was to create another character to add to the Latin alphabet. I created a character to replace the words et cetera, more commonly written as etc. I found out that there are other abbreviations for et cetera, many of which […]