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Dynamic Image Generator Concept

How To Generate Images Responsively

How does one make images responsive? There are a number of techniques available: each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This method is unique because it ensures that the image served does not need to be scaled in the viewer’s browser. The secret, we will see, lies in PHP’s image editing capabilities. Capturing the Client’s […]

Testimonial From A Happy Customer

I had the pleasure of working with David Stewart and his team on a project to develop a brand identity, including logo, icons, and website for a mobile ecotourism application called ExploreEcoNB for Android, Apple, and Windows phones. This project brought together 10 provincial partners such as us (the Nature Trust of New Brunswick), Parks […]

Instructor Profile Pics

More Praise From School Days

David was a great student to have in the class. He was always punctual and had his work done on time. He also challenged us as teachers to go beyond what we had in the lesson plan, particularly in the web classes, which he excelled at. David is a hard worker and would be a […]

Strike Pushes Website Traffic Through the Roof

I said that I would talk about the strike at the University of New Brunswick and how it affected the Brunswickan website. This is it then, a memoir of sorts. The teaching staff at the University of New Brunswick were not happy with their working conditions and wages (Read more here). They began their strike […]

Taking a Paper Online

I mentioned previously that I have been working for The Brunswickan. The Brunswickan is the student newspaper for the University of New Brunswick. It is Canada’s oldest official student publication. My job as the Web Developer was to create a blog style website for the paper. The staff at The Brunswickan was not satisfied with […]

A Long Wait

Has it been almost a year since I posted last? Wow. I have been much busier this year partially because I took a part time job at The Brunswickan. I worked for them as the web developer and maintained my web administration work. I also took an extra course last term. I knew it would […]

How I was Pushed into Web Design

It started when a young woman visited my church. She had known about us for a while, but had never entered our doors because she could not find out anything about us online. I knew something had to be done so that her story would not be the experience of others. The Dilemma I approached […]