Dimmed lights, bullet points, and a distant voice … wake me up when it is over. Haven’t we all been there? We have all seen dozens of slideshows about this topic or that. They were very impressive when they first came out but have become common place, losing much of their effectiveness. Well, there is a new kid on the block offering us a breath of fresh air.

Too many slideshow presentations look bad and lack dynamism. The audience needs something to keep their attention. Spinning letter animation, arrows, and slide transitions don’t cut it.

Software packages, like PowerPoint, give a lot of tools to a lot of people. Almost anyone can make a slideshow with them … and almost everyone does. We end up watching a lot of lack lustre presentations as a result.

The Prezi Advantage

Prezi is an online software solution with an innovate approach. Here are 10 ways Prezi can help you make better looking presentations:

  1. Limited Typographical Styling

    There are 3 type classes per presentation. The 3 choices include a header, sub header, and copy text. It forces non designers to adopt a proven hierarchal design strategy. Any change to a type class is universally applied throughout the presentation for consistency and ease of use.

  2. Bye-bye Lousy Animation

    Slideshow animations are almost always unnecessary and distracting. The temptation to use them is gone with Prezi.

  3. Flexible Format

    It’s often difficult to fit content on a slide without compromising design. In Prezi, one fits the space to the content, not the content to the space. This means that I no longer have to try to squeeze spreadsheets into the slide or try to think of something else to say because the slide looks empty. Yea!

  4. Video Aesthetic

    A Prezi presentation does not travel from slide to slide. It pans and zooms creating an animation or video-like effect.

  5. Flexible Presentation Flow

    The presentation’s flow can be easily altered during presentations. This allows you to respond to the audience and is especially useful in Q&A. It is as simple as panning and zooming to the content you wish to show. The predetermined order can be resumed at any time.

  6. Remote Presentations in Real-time

    One can set up an online presentation and can control what the audience sees, assign the control to someone else, or let the audience view it as they please. Prezis are often seen online but can be downloaded for offline use.

  7. Online Collaboration in Real-time

    This functionality is much like the remote presentations except that the participants can edit the Prezi.

  8. An Open Canvas

    Making a Prezi is like displaying content on a canvas. This makes it easier to make a presentation unique and memorable.

  9. Overview & Emphasis

    Giving an overview and then focusing on a portion of the content is easy with Prezi. Doing this in a slideshow often requires duplicating and modifying a slide several times. No changes are necessary in a Prezi. Simply zoom in or out.

  10. Import a Slideshow

    Obviously, you would not need this feature in a slideshow editor but it makes converting old presentations to Prezis a lot simpler. One can also import images, videos, PDFs, and more.

What is your favourite Prezi feature?

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Drew Davis · June 18, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Nice list of benefits of Prezi – well presented. :)
Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge with others!

    davidfstewart · June 18, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Thank you, Drew and thanks for reading.

davidfstewart · July 8, 2012 at 2:39 am

Prezi now supports a fade in animation.

davidfstewart · October 10, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Prezi just added a PowerPoint Import feature. You can learn more here.

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