Twitter and HubSpot hosted a webinar yesterday afternoon. The attendees, myself included, learned about three advantages to having a Twitter Ads account. I will share these with you now.

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I received emails a while ago that promoted that Twitter Ads accounts. These emails said that users with these accounts get free analytics on their Twitter activity. The catch is that one needs to provide credit card information to create the account. The analytics tool allows one to evaluate and strategize his or her activities on Twitter.

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The second advantage to the Ads account is the ability to create website cards. You have seen them on Facebook. They are auto generated when one puts a hyperlink into a post. They usually feature an image of some kind, the page title, and a little bit of written content. These things are great! They increase the visibility of the post and get better response rates. Now you can have these on Twitter as well – and they are free. They are not auto generated though. One must go into the account and create the website card before it can be shared in a tweet. I have yet to try this but I think the extra work will be worth the effort.

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The third advantage is much like the second one. This time is something called a lead generation card. It is like a website card except that it has an action button. You might want to use a lead generation card to promote a newsletter. You might say something like “subscribe now,” on the button. A user can click this button to perform the action without leaving Twitter. The user is not asked to provide any kind of information. A click is all that is necessary. Twitter provides the information for you using your account details. There are no forms to intimidate. It is almost too easy.

Social media has long been a staple in bootstrap marketing. Twitter Ads accounts allows us to do it more effectively. All you need is a credit card and internet access. Don’t miss out.

**These images are webinar screenshots and are displayed in good will.**

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