I finished Blog by Hugh Hewitt yesterday. I picked it up in a sale at the Lighthouse Christian Resource Center, where I could fill a bag with books for $5. It’s slick jacket caught my attention. Bill Chiaravalle, and Mark Mickel did an excellent job designing it. I was intrigued that a book about blogs would be found in a Christian bookstore. I did not have anything to lose so I through it into the bag. Here is what I found:

Blog chronicles the history of the blogosphere and pushes for its expansion. It argues that we are in the midst of a reformation, a democratization of information, very much like the one caused by the invention of the printing press. Hewitt tells his readers who he believes are the Martin Luthers of our day and warns us to join them or be left behind.

This book shares recent history of American politics and American news agencies to show how they were instrumental in establishing the blogosphere’s influence. In doing this, Hewitt shares his political views freely. (He says that this is important so that the reader can easily discern opinions for what they are) This approach might turn off some readers but it is the kind of writing that was so influential.

Blog was published in 2005. The book remains relevant despite the many changes that have taken place since then. Blog gives a frame of reference in which one can evaluate the current status of the “information revolution.”

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