I have known David for many years and I have had the pleasure of being his instructor for three years, first at the University of New Brunswick and then at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. I taught him Media Design at the University of New Brunswick and several courses in the Integrated Media studio program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, including Web Site Design, and Content and Interactivity.

Throughout his studies, David has shown an extremely professional attitude in his dealings with instructors, other students and clients. He has an easy-going, affable personality that allows him to work very well as part of a team. He has great attention to detail and dedication to whatever task is at hand.

David is keenly interested in design and recognizes the need a contemporary designer has to stay abreast of advances in technology. He is very knowledgeable particularly in the area of emerging web technologies. Additionally, David has always brought very creative, original solutions to design problems.

I highly recommend David and I feel he would be an asset to any employer.

Drew Kennickell

Check out Drew’s website at www.drewkennickell.com. You can also find him on LinkedIn. (The featured image was created from two of His self portraits, which can be seen here and here)

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David Stewart

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