May 28, 2012

How I was pushed into web design

It started when a young woman visited my church. She had known about us for a while, but had never entered our doors because she could not find out anything about us online.

I knew something had to be done so that her story would not be the experience of others.

The Dilemma

I approached the church leadership about a website and they asked me to do it. I was not expecting that answer. I had to ask myself, “Do I believe in this enough to learn how to make a website?”

I had learned a bit of HTML in high school but it had long been forgotten. I figured I could brush up on it and be well on my way. I was very wrong.

I was interested in graphic design and had been for years. I designed decks and shirts for a skateboard company I had stared. I was comfortable with design but translating it into code was a different story.

I spent many months teaching myself web development. Finally, was created.

The Direction

I was hooked. My research had shown me the need for good web design so I started looking for ways to apply my new skill set. The opportunity was given to me by the owner of Buen Día Canada. He had secured a grant from Canadian Heritage to make a series of short documentary videos about Hispanic Canadians. I had zero qualifications - but figured I could learn quickly enough. I enrolled in Film Production at UNB and hit the ground running. It turned out that the videos were part of a web design and development project for the New Brunswick Latino Association. He kept me on after the videos were completed and let me work on the website.

I continued to work for Buen Día Canada for a year in customer relations. I spent a significant portion of my time working under the direction of their senior designer on web projects. I moved from there to an investment bank where I became an intelligence agent who did a fair share of office administration. My employer soon had me designing presentations and promotional documents for our clients.

The Discovery

I am thankful that that first web project was put in my lap. It was a starting point in developing my passion for web design and online promotion.

Why did you get into your line of business?