School is back in session and so are after school activities. Every year, people from my church distribute invitations for Kids’ Bible Adventure Club. This year was no different except that we were using invitations that I had designed. I also designed (and redesigned) an invitation for a church in Amherst, Nova Scotia. I will share these with you here.

girl's face and invitation informationThis was the first of the invitations I designed. I had downloaded the La unica typeface while working on a design for Baxter Foods. I did not end up using the typeface in the Baxter design but saw an opportunity to use it here. I sourced the image from Pixabay. (Thank you Lisa Runnels)

K.B.A.C. InvitationI moved on to the invitation for Kids’ Bible Adventure Club. I liked how La unica worked in the first invitation so I decided to use it again. I used another image from Pixabay but this one was taken by PDPics. Our “Explorer Joel” mascot was also included in the design.

version 2 of Monday School invitationThere was concern that the image I had chosen for the first invitation implied that only girls were invited. I was asked to choose a new image. I complied and chose this image by French photographer, auremar. There is a boy in this picture. However, he is hidden by the text. (The child in the green camouflage shirt is a girl) In any case, it satisfied the concerns. There are two other deliberate differences in this new invitation. The first is the font selection. La unica worked well for the header but was a bit hard to read in the copy. It was not difficult to select a typeface to pair it with. I chose a recent favourite of mine, Ubuntu made by Dalton Maag Ltd. Ubuntu was a good choice because it has a roundness that relates well to that of La unica. It is also highly legible. The third change was increased margins. The first invitation was cropped to the edge of the text when printed. I made sure to be much more generous with the redesign.

You will have noticed that I removed the phone numbers before uploading the invitations to my blog. I can provide them to you should you would want to contact the organizers of these clubs.

These invitations were designed to be printed on 4″ x 6″ photo paper. This facilitates easy printing at the Walmart Photocenter website.

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