Man flies kite

The cover art for Beautiful Eulogy‘s “Satellite Kite, I looked at the cover art and assumed that the album was not worth listening to. How wrong I was. I heard them on Josh Garrels‘ “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes EP” and was impressed. They were also recommended to me by a friend so I found the album again and gave it a listen and have been listening to them ever since. This album deserves a better cover: one that better portrays the quality of the music.

The idea behind the cover art is fine. Unfortunately, it gets a little lost in the execution. The first thing to do was to remove any element that detracts from the concept.

Man Flies Kite

I am not convinced that the man and the title had to be made from the kite string. Removing this aspect of the illustration adds further clarity. I changed the background colour to lesson the contrast between the figure and the ground. High contrast is often a good thing however, in this case the black background overpowered the white line drawing.

Satellite Kite Redesign v2

As I was writing this post, I decided that I would to see what it would look like if I reintroduced the spool. This version maintains the original concept but is a better representation of the quality of Beautiful Eulogy’s music and the directness of their lyrics.

A man flies kite with spool trailing behind him.

Please tell me how I did. Is the new design an improvement? What would you like to see changed? Do you prefer the version with the spool or the one without it?

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