Assorted thoughts about design.

  • SiteOrigin vs Gutenberg, A PageSpeed Case Study

    Google says that a website’s load time is an important ranking factor. Their studies show a direct correlation between PageSpeed and online conversion rates. This is the one ranking factor that every major SEO can agree upon. With this in mind, I set out to find if WordPress Gutenberg or SiteOrigin Page Builder is faster. […]

  • How to generate responsive images

    How does one make images responsive? There are a number of techniques available: each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This method is unique because it ensures that the image served does not need to be scaled in the viewer’s browser. The secret, we will see, lies in PHP’s image editing capabilities. Capturing the Client’s […]

  • Bigstock, GraphicStock or Dollar Photo Club: we compare stock image providers

    I started acquiring stock images for the Baxter Foods Facebook page. I was used to sourcing public domain images from Pixabay, Free Images and Wikipedia Commons or creative commons images from Flickr, and raumrot. These are great resources but they are limited: too limited for what I am doing with Baxter. I do not remember […]

  • 3 ways to use Twitter Ads for free

    Twitter and HubSpot hosted a webinar yesterday afternoon. The attendees, myself included, learned about three advantages to having a Twitter Ads account. I will share these with you now. Twitter analytics tool I received emails a while ago that promoted that Twitter Ads accounts. These emails said that users with these accounts get free analytics […]

  • 9 rules all bloggers need to know

    I finished Blog by Hugh Hewitt yesterday. I picked it up in a sale at the Lighthouse Christian Resource Center, where I could fill a bag with books for $5. Its slick jacket caught my attention. Bill Chiaravalle, and Mark Mickel did an excellent job designing it. I was intrigued that a book about blogs […]

  • 10 things Prezi does better than PowerPoint and Keynote

    Dimmed lights, bullet points, and a distant voice … wake me up when it is over. Haven’t we all been there? We have all seen dozens of slideshows about this topic or that. They were very impressive when they first came out but have become common place, losing much of their effectiveness. Well, there is […]

  • Logo design tutorial

    A great logo is a powerful tool to have in your branding toolkit. But what makes a logo a great logo? Here are some tips I have learned from others and some which I have learned the hard way: Tip #1 – Research the Competition Some logos are great…so great that your competitors are already […]